Fire and Perils Insurance

It is a Property insurance that covers damage and losses caused by fire. We know fire can be very destructive and can destroy long period of hard work and thus affects your business or property. Majani Insurance Broker’s fire Insurance gives you financial compensation for any losses or damage to residential, commercial and industrial properties by fire or lightning.

Our fire insurance also covers allied perils such as flood, impact, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, malicious damage, riots, strikes and civil commotion. With this insurance, you’ll know that whatever the future brings, your business and property is in safe hands.

Documents required

  • Fully completed Application form
  • KRA Pin and National Id

what our customers say

Jane Wacuka

Triptrek LTD


Efficient and Trustworthy:

It is always difficult to decide on an insurance brokerage company in Kenya based on two factors; Trust and Efficiency. Majani Insurance Brokers have demonstrated efficiency and have built a history of trust with their customers and I am glad to be one of them. With their various insurance covers, they have been instrumental in the growth of our company and its portfolio.

Mark Oloo


Farm Insurance

Compensated on Time:

Waiting for compensation from insurance firms can be extremely challenging, and the duration it takes can be heartbreaking for most individuals, that is certainly not the case with Majani Insurance Brokers. They ensured that I was compensated on time and got me back on my feet within no time.

We Work With the Best Insurance Companies in Kenya

Whichever insurance company you choose you are guaranteed of superior customer support. We ensure that your claims get paid on time when you need them.